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  1. FPP gurus? Show questions - Playlist and events

    Hi.. I had posted this on the FPP forum, but would like to get some help with this (not getting a lot of traction there).. Maybe get things all set up while waiting on Florence to figure out what...
  2. Thread: J1Sys

    by cpnbnanamn


    By chance does anyone have the manual for the J1Sys ECG-D2? Joshua's site seems to be lacking quite a bit these days. I thought I read somewhere that it can be configured with an IP, and be set up...
  3. Re: Converting from LOR to Falcon Pi

    Can't thank Eric enough.. Got me through my first hurdle, and I'm well on my way to having a Halloween show this year! Now, onto the next steps! I've already got 4 songs converted (Eric: My timings...
  4. Re: Converting from LOR to Falcon Pi

    At this point, I'm trying to set up my model. The visualizer is quite a bit different from LOR, and I'm not sure how to import (or even where to get) props for the model? I am doing a simple layout...
  5. Re: Converting from LOR to Falcon Pi

    Not quite. Eric, I'll send you a PM, and hopefully we can work out a time to get together and get me straight.
  6. Re: Converting from LOR to Falcon Pi

    Hey Eric!

    I know I don't want to just convert files to *.fseq just to use in FPP. I'd like to try and convert them so that I can edit/add to them if needed. I've kinda messed around and...
  7. Re: Converting from LOR to Falcon Pi

    Nothing like reviving an old thread, huh??
    Yeah.. I'm still playing around with this stuff, and love the Raspi's.. I have 4 or 5 of them doing various things. Right now, I have 3 of them set up...
  8. FINALLY trying to get my Pi's up and running with FPP - Could use some direction

    Hey all. Been a while. Things have slowed a little for me for now, and I thought I'd take some time to mess with some lights. While I understand the basic principles of FPP, I could use a hand...
  9. Re: OFFICIAL TASL Meeting February 11, 2017 9am till 5pm

    Sorry.. Won't be able to make it.. I'll be in FL visiting the kiddo.
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    Video mapping software?

    So, I've managed to get a projector, and because of where I intend to project my images, I'm in need of video mapping software.. Preferably free, if possible. Anyone have any ideas on this? I have...
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    Re: Digital projector recommendations?

    I need one for indoor use.

    Denny: email me, and I'll send you the info you requested.
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    Digital projector recommendations?

    So, I'm looking to add a good digital projector to my show. Primarily, it'll be used indoors. I was looking at the Epson Powerlite 93+.. I've found a couple on Ebay for a decent price, and the...
  13. Re: Falcon Pi Day - Join Us. Learn How Simple it can be **** Check Post 1 for Updates

    Raspberry Pi 2B+ is en route. I already have a Pi Zero.. but have done nothing with it. Yet. I'll be interested to see what I CAN do with it.
  14. Re: Falcon Pi Day - Join Us. Learn How Simple it can be **** Check Post 1 for Updates

    Barring any work trips, I'm in for either date!! Please let me know as soon as you have it set!
  15. Re: Converting from LOR to Falcon Pi

    Sweet Criminey...I've been DYING to get into this.. Have we actually set a date for Pi Day? How about 3/14? (PUN!!!)
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    Re: 2016 Group Buy Information

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    Re: 2016 Group Buy Information

    Might know of a new place for meetings... Not sure what the rental rates are yet, but brand-new facility..

    Also.. As I'm just getting into the RasPi game as well (already built a Stratux for...
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    Zara radio tutorial?

    I was looking for the tutorial about Zara Radio.. Looked here and on DIYC. The only one I've found so far was on here, and points to an outdated page. Does anyone have a good link, or...
  19. Issues converting incandescent channels to RGB in LOR S4

    So, I'm trying to get into running RGB, and pixel nodes. I'm in the process of converting a sequence, at least partially, to use RGB pixel nodes. What I can't figure out.. How do I copy the events of...
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    Re: Unofficial LOR training night wanted

    Now, how about one for Vixen????
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    Help with Vixen 3

    I'm getting back into this again.. and I've got a bit done for a Halloween show.. However, I am having issues importing Vixen 2.x into the current version of 3.. The effects aren't showing...
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    Re: RPM DMX bridge wanted

    Thanks, Denny.. I've got a post on DIYC for the same thing, and I've updated it to include the J1Sys bridge, if someone has one they don't need.
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    RPM DMX bridge wanted

    Anyone have an RPM E.131 ~> DMX bridge you might be willing to part with? Trying to get back into the swing of things, and update my technology. If not, how about a recommendation for a good DMX...
  24. Re: WLC Ventures (wire, plugs, lights) FREE Shipping!!

    Just wanted to drop a quick note.. Thanks to Sam for doing this.. I kmow this was a huge undertaking, and he's managed to get it all done without losing his mind! Thank you, Sam!!
  25. Re: WLC Ventures (wire, plugs, lights) FREE Shipping!!

    Look at the individual CG-1500 enclosure page on Chris's website. They're listed as an accessory about halfway down the page.

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