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    Re: First North Pole Sign

    I saw your North Pole Sign when I stopped by this week and love it. I might "borrow" the idea if you don't mind......
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    Re: Introducing ULE Upstate Lighting Enthusiast

    Add me to the list. Depending on where you meet, I'd like to join in as possible. I only made it to a couple of TASL meetings when I lived in Raleigh but definately enjoyed the group. It was a great...
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    Re: Share your bummers, mistakes and problems ..

    Got home from dinner tonight to find my show doing NOTHING. Turns out the wife (my sweetie love muffin) unplugged my computer to plug in an extra lamp; I run my show from our library. Of course the...
  4. Re: LOR Hardware Utility Doesn't Locate Controller

    Well sort of. Sorry I didn't complete the update.
    Dan at LOR recommended something similar as mentioned above but slightly different.

    **Make sure only one controller is hooked up.
    -In HU, Change...
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    Re: Riverbank Christmas

    Previously I was using 3 Mr. Christmas's linked together so I completely understood the layout I wanted before I started. Like I mentioned, I copied / pasted several key sections and only using 3...
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    Re: Riverbank Christmas

    The snowflakes are in my garage waiting to be used next year. Since I don't have the big trees like I did in Raleigh, I'm still trying to figure out how / what to support them.
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    Riverbank Christmas

    Here's a link to my first ever attempt at a YouTube video. This is TSO "Wizards in Wonderland". I used some segments of Richard Holdmans and added to it. I'm pretty happy with it for my first LOR...
  8. Re: I've been selected for the G105 2012 Tacky Tinsel Tour

    Thats awesome Denny! I'm jealous. I was a huge G105 listener and always loved their tour.
  9. Re: Hello from Clayton, Looking to learn about LOR, Total Newb & Son, Inc.

    Welcome Gregg.
    I've been christmas lightning for several years and with the help of the great folks on this forum I am getting ready to open my first LOR season this Friday. Let me know any...
  10. Re: Best place for last-minute SPT-2 & M/F Plugs ?

    I got 100 in two days from Paul at Creative Displays.
  11. Re: LOR Hardware Utility Doesn't Locate Controller

    HU open:
    -Power on to controller, no data cables plugged in = flashing led
    -Power on to controller, plug in Cat5 cable to either jack = solid red led

    HU closed:
    -Power on without Cat5 data...
  12. Re: LOR Hardware Utility Doesn't Locate Controller

    Thanks Denny. Still nothing. I changed the Max Unit Id to F0 and still no results.

    I'm at a loss and being new to LOR most everything troubleshooting wise is foreign to me.
  13. Re: LOR Hardware Utility Doesn't Locate Controller

    10-4. Thanks.

    Anyone else have any ideas to troubleshoot?
  14. Re: LOR Hardware Utility Doesn't Locate Controller

    I did, several times.

    Do you know how to determine what version of firmware I am running? Jack said to refresh it but I don't know which version I have???
  15. Re: LOR Hardware Utility Doesn't Locate Controller

    Ok. I'm not the premo computer guy, so please bare with me.
    I only have the one controller plugged in on the network, and have attempted to use it as controller 1 but can't even force it to test run...
  16. LOR Hardware Utility Doesn't Locate Controller

    5 of 6 brand new controllers connected via Cat5 configure, change Unit ID and test fine. 6th is not found when I "Refresh" Select Unit to Configure. Since I can't get it configured, I can't change...
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    Re: Help! Computer Can't Locate LOR Port

    Well, after 30 minutes on the phone with Dan from LOR, he got me up and running. My computer was trying to utilize Comm Port 17, which he said was too high. We lowered it to Comm Port 10 (in the...
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    Help! Computer Can't Locate LOR Port

    I'm finally trying to get my new (1st time user) LOR Contollers running. When I plugged the LOR Controller to my computer and attempted to Setup Comm Port / Auto Configure so that I can set Unit ID /...
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    Re: New guy from Waxhaw

    Welcome Dave! Last year was my first (and last year in Raleigh) as I'm currently in the middle of moving to Charlotte during the middle of December. Bumer is that I won't be able to have a show this...
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    Re: How do I alter song length?

    Thanks all and I know I'll be calling on Kevin for some voice overs in the future as well.
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    How do I alter song length?

    I'm back from my spring hiatus (super busy work and family life) and getting back to Christmas work. I've received my LOR 2.9.4 and controllers and am getting this party started.

    The first issue...
  22. Re: LOR vs. DMX Questions; Recommendations Needed

    Thanks again to everyone and the awesome advice and recommendations. I've closely read each response, am continuing to do my homework and look forward to working with everyone going forward. Hope to...
  23. Re: LOR vs. DMX Questions; Recommendations Needed

    Thanks guys. I failed to mention that I've been mapping my channel plans / needs for 2011 following Denny's advice and I figure I need minimum 96 channels but would really like to have 112 for 2011....
  24. LOR vs. DMX Questions; Recommendations Needed

    I'm in the position of not having any LOR, DMX, etc. Everything will be new for me for 2011. I was preparing to go LOR with the hopes of purchasing during the Feb LOR sale. I've heard that DMX has...
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    Re: TASL February Meeting

    The last weekend of Feb is good for me as I'm tied up the 19th & 20th. Last night Jack mentioned DMX and I'd love to hear more about it, sources, pro's / cons etc. With the cost per channel being...
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