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    Re: Have C-9 Clips For Sale Have 600 to sale.

    When you say clips, are you talking about vampire sockets? And what wire do they fit SPT1 or SPT2?
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    Re: Need help with LOR

    I have some LOR, but I am mainly LYNX Diy stuff and totally wireless. The only thing coming out of my house is two speaker wires. Even my radio antenna is in the house. Really works great. I'm...
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    Re: How many strings to put on a 20' mega tree?

    I also use 64 strings of LED in 4 colors on a 17ft tree.
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    Re: Looking for some advice

    I have an Asus Eeepc 1000HE. Works great. I upgraded it to win7 from winxp and have not found any programs that would not run on it. But I mainly use it when I am out at customers or traveling and...
  5. Worlds largest Model Railroad to be built south of Greenville

    My other hobby is model railroading and came upon this announcement in one of my RR groups.
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    Re: Heads up on Host Hotel

    I also got a reminder email. And I printed all the confirmation stuff how when I made the reservation.
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    Re: Registration List

    I am bringing another quilting wife, but she would probably be willing to forego some presentations for a trip to a local quilt store if someone else was driving and knew their way around town. Else...
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    Re: Signup list for helping with the convention.

    Back to the topic at hand.

    Carl Is there any room setup activity going on Friday afternoon or evening? Not sure what time we will arrive in town yet, but will help with what we can. I'm...
  9. Re: 7 Weeks Until The Carolina Christmas Convention

    Just a note that I am still planning to come. Have not registered since I can't get my spouse to commit to return yet. May also have two other folks traveling with us.
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    Re: ConceptDraw 7, Free

    Anybody try Google Sketchup? It is free. I have seen some amazing drawings done with sketchup. I'm currently trying to learn how to do a shed design with full dimensioning.
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    Re: How visible is YOUR antenna?

    My antenna is a piece of wire inside a piece of pvc pipe and it is inside the house about 3 ft away from a front window. You can hear the music for a block or two away. If I wanted to put it...
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    Re: When is next convention or did I miss it?

    Carl, I've marked the 28th on my calendar. Are you any closer to confirming the date?

    Jim Nealand
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    Re: Enclosure Bulk Buy

    You should order the CG1500a box and you should phone your order in. The CG1500a is a clearance box that has a logo embossed on the cover, but you cannot read it from two feet away. i ordered 17...
  14. Re: I got my LOR controller to interface with DIY Lynx Express controller

    I ran LOR and Lynx together last year but used the Lynx Dongle and translated my sequences from LOR to Vixen. In fact I used some of the Holdman sequences translated to Vixen and just remapped them...
  15. Re: Cheap Network Cable Tester (Cat5) $6.99 free shipping

    I am hoping to come up for the convention, I had a great time last year. Just waiting for a confirmed date and location. I do not remember how much the CORO CLAW was, but I think maybe $12. I got...
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    Re: Making Cat 5 Cables

    Finally had some nice sunny dry days and no other obligations so I am started cleaning up and organizing all the Christmas display stuff. So I'm too tired to do your research John and no I do not...
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    Re: Making Cat 5 Cables

    As a mostly retired computer tech I can tell you that I and everyone I know in the business uses the B standard. But as long as each end of any single cable uses the same standard you are good to go.
  18. Re: Cheap Network Cable Tester (Cat5) $6.99 free shipping

    I have a tester that looks just like that on the web site. It works just fine. I paid $10 at MicroCenter locally here in the Atlanta area.
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    Re: Lake Myra Christmas Documentary now on TV

    Good show. The first link worked fine for me. Nice to see a discussion on how it works. Too bad HGTV or one of the big cable channels wouldn't do something like a behind the scenes tour. Seeing...
  20. Re: What would you like to see at the next Christmas Carolina Convention?

    I would like to see the Vixen presentation again, only this time lets get a presenter mike so I can hear it. Actually a mike for all the presenters would be good. Also would be good for the...
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