• Questions:

    1) How far from the Raleigh-Durham Airport (RDU) is the convention and host hotel?

    Answer: About 15 minutes max.

    2) Are more hotels available?

    Answer: Absolutely yes but all are 15 or more minutes from the convention site and will not necessarily cost less money. The TASL folks will try to answer specific questions about hotels if asked.

    3) We don't want to go on Denny's houseboat because we think his boat looks a lot like the Titanic and icebergs could be in Lake Jordan. What else can we do in that area?

    Answer: Check out the "Other Things to Do in Raleigh" section.

    4) My spouse doesn't want to come to the convention, but I have to bring him/her along or regret not bringing him/her for the rest of my life. What other stuff is available for him/her to do?

    Answer: Bummer. You could get a new spouse or you could check out the "Other Things to Do in Raleigh" section.

    5) Can I bring Christmas decorating stuff to sell or swap?

    Answer: Yes, we have an area just for that. Put a sign with your name on your stuff and sell away. Not to be confused with Denny's boat (get it? sail away)

    6) We want to stay Saturday night and would like to attend church on Sunday morning. Can you recommend a church?

    Answer: Yes, just contact us. Many of us attend churches in the area.

    7) Will the information on this website change before the convention?

    Answer: You can bet your sweet bippy on it.