I posted this on diyc still looking for a decent vendor, not sure if anyone here can assist....

I am looking at making a large (like 15-20 foot high) hot air balloon (three dimensional sphere, not a flat wire frame) and want to cover the balloon portion in the same type of translucent colored felt or mesh that you see in some commercially sold christmas decorations.

I am preferring the felt (or whatever it actually is) over rip-stop nylon, I know where I can get the nylon and am keeping that on the back burner if I am not able to source exactly what I am looking for. The felt has a nicer look in my opinion.

Does anyone know a decent source? I looked at joann fabric, they have a decent selection of bulk felt but I am not sure if it is the right type of felt. Does anyone know if it is the same stuff?

Has anyone worked with this stuff? Do you have any wisdom to share?