I've had several to inquire about my mega trees.

Here's the info along with pictures on how make them. Remember, there's no wrong way but make sure your support is strong enough to support all of those lights.

Starting with the base...

I do NOT have any post cemented into the ground. Instead, I use a 12x12 plate welded to the bottom of the center pole with small braces attached to each corner. You ask, why not cemented in the ground? The reason for this, is each tree has 9600 lights. The weight is so great, that is has no problem of sitting still. The bolts on the bottom keep it from kicking out.

The support pole used is 1 1/4" black pipe sch. 40. The length is 26 feet from the bottom to the top. I have a 21 feet long section welded to a 5 feet long part near the bottom. At the top, I screwed on a cap, welded 1/4 rod on the for the star and attached the guy wires along with the pullies for the ring system.

The ring system is a way to pull the lights to the top. It's cut to the size of a paint bucket with 24 holes drilled with S hooks attached so the lights can be connected. A hole was cut in the center of the ring and a coupling welded to the ring so it wouldn't be hard to pull up on the pole.

Guy wires and anchors are extremely important! Make sure they are able to hold it up during high winds or this can happen:

Trust me, you don't want that feeling anytime soon!
I use mobile home anchors with a nice sizeable guy wire. The size I can't think off the top of my head, but it's able to carry the load.

Here's more images of the trees....

One more thing... the bottom ring the lights attach to is grey 1" PVC conduit. I used six 10 feet long sticks.