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Light-O-Rama Diagnostic Distributed by Installer

The Light-O-Rama Diagnostic is a troubleshooting tool that displays various information about your Light-O-Rama configuration. It used to be available only as a separate download from, but now is installed as a standard part of the Light-O-Rama Software Package.

Bug Fixes

On Windows 98 SE machines, running a show of sufficient length would eventually cause an error message to pop up, saying that an error occurred in "Formhook_aftermessage". Clicking "OK" would close the error message, but it would soon pop up again, and again and again. If it was left without clicking "OK" to close it, eventually the show would stop abnormally.
In the Sequence Editor, "Sequence Info", from the "View" menu, would sometimes display the incorrect directory of the media file associated with a musical sequence.
If a channel was set up to be a subsequence, and the sequence file assigned to it did not exist or otherwise could not be loaded, then loading of the main sequence would fail when the loading of the subsequence failed. The result of this was that the main sequence could not be opened, and so the problem could not be fixed by modifying the subsequence filename associated with the channel. Now, the main sequence will successfully load, and the missing subsequence will simply not do anything during play. Note that the Light-O-Rama Verifier will still show this error.
If you set the name of a channel to include an ampersand, then in the Sequence Editor, the name would be displayed on the channel's button improperly. The ampersand would be missing, and the character after it would be underlined (indicating that it could be used as a hotkey for that button).
If the Sequence Editor was used on a computer with multiple monitors, and the cursor was hovered over a spot on a sequence grid that was on a monitor to the right of the primary monitor, the tool tip would pop up in the wrong place (on the far right side of the primary monitor).

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