Here's the change log..

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Now, a brief summary of the changes:
  • Undo/redo recording can now be disabled; this is intended as a way to speed up extremely large operations (such as skewing an entire track with many channels and events).
  • The Basic license level previously saved sequence files encrypted; they are now saved unencrypted, as plain XML, like all other license levels. Only the unlicensed Demo version now saves encrypted.
  • The Hardware Utility can now display the firmware version of a connected MP3 director.
  • A new version of the DC-MP3 firmware is included, which adds one feature and fixes two bugs:
    • Output #8, which was previously unused, will now be high (+5 volts) if a show is active, and zero otherwise.
    • In some rare cases, when a sequence started playing (on the DC-MP3), the music and lights would start off significantly out of sync with each other.
    • A bug caused triggers #6 and #3 to interact in some cases.
  • A new version of the Servo Dog firmware is included, which fixes a bug where having both channels 1 and 8 in digital output mode would cause random results due to crosstalk.
  • Bug fix: In the Animator window, certain ways of scrolling through the channel dropdown list weren't working properly.
  • Bug fix: Skewing a track would fail if the timing grid currently in use by the track was a fixed grid.
  • Bug fix: In the Servo Dog Utility, clicking on a channel button when there was already a channel button selected could cause the channel that was clicked to have its configuration set to the same values as the channel that was previously selected.
  • Bug fix: In the Hardware Utility, controllers that were connected via Easy Light Linkers were not showing up in some cases.

Please Note:

If you upgrade to this from an earlier release, it might ask you to activate your license again. This will not use up one of your license seats.

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