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Thread: Light-O-Rama 2.5.6 Released

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    Default Light-O-Rama 2.5.6 Released

    Version 2.5.6 of the software has been released. This version includes an important bug fix for shows scheduled on Saturday (and note that this Saturday is Halloween):

    If a show is scheduled to start on Saturday, but end on Sunday (including if it ends at the midnight boundary of Saturday and Sunday), as soon as it starts up, it will immediately go into shutdown mode. After it shuts down, it will immediately start up again, then shutdown, then start up, and so forth. A common symptom of this is that the first song in the musical section of the show will play over and over again.

    This bug is only for Saturday to Sunday, not for Sunday to Monday or Monday to Tuesday or so forth.

    The new version of software fixes this bug. However, if you don't want to install the new version at this time, a workaround would be to change your Saturday show to end at 11:59 PM on Saturday (or earlier), rather than ending at midnight (or later).

    For the complete change log, please refer to the help file's "What's New" page.

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    Default Re: Light-O-Rama 2.5.6 Released

    Ha ... ! What a nightmare with several versions in one week. But the time the ink dries on your screen .. a new version is ready. I'm glad I have not wasted much time with upgrades until I'm really ready to make this stuff run. I plan to hold a few evening sessions with my mega-tree and mini trees so I can start to learn what my routines look like. Right now I could not tell you a twinkle from a shimmer.
    But I do know that when I have to twinkle, I start to shimmer if I wait too long.

    Denny Cole

    Back to Work <unretired> so I went Static in 2017. Planning xLights when I retire <again>. Maybe 2019 ?

    Falcon - 3 F16V3 & 1 PiCap, Sandevices - 2 E681 & 4 E6804, 288 Channels Lynx Express, 108 Channels DC DMX,
    10' Pixel MegaTree, CoroFlakes w/Pixel Modules, Pixel RBLs, 2 Pixel Matrix 16x25, 10" RGB Ornaments, 7x230 Pixel Icicle Matrix,
    Classic 20' AC Megatree, TIR Destiny RGB Spots, RGB Blowmolds, Wireframes, and Inflatables with External Light Control

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