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The issue with my show is that I am maxing out the E682's. All 12+ of them. There is just short of 28,000 in use channels broadcasting on 60 universes.

The biggest issue for me right now is exporting the sequences. I tried to export them and I got halfway through before the computer locked up and ran out of memory. This is on a 4th generation i5 (the unlocked top-of-the-line one) with 16GB of RAM. I didn't know that was possible. During the part of the sequence that it did export, it took 7 seconds to render every single second of sequence.
Sam, I have seen many discussions about various sequencers with +50K channels .. and from what I have seen, xLights is the way to go. It is supposedly the "leanest" of the sequencers as far as the data packets required. There are people running vast shows with xLights. I know this is a little late for this discussion, since learning curve and a ton of other issues are required to get everything into a clean DMX scheme (only). I am not sure if xLights can handle Renard controllers in "Renard mode" (in case that's how you are running your Renards) .. They may have to get firmware updates to DMX mode. That said .. if you are using E682 ports for your DMX outputs, perhaps they support Renard mode ?

Except for the LOR network, I switched my whole show (including the direct DMX stuff) to run over the E1.31. I built my own DMX amp on little proto boards, so I can use any output from a E68x to drive the DMX devices in the yard (FOUR China 27 ch RGB controllers and the TIR Destiny spots). My point of this is that once I hit the wall with LOR, I will move everything to DMX, and use xLights for my player. Or look to LOR enhancements to support more pixels (which they are working on). We're expecting these changes in 2015 ..