Version 2.5.2 has been released. The main changes are:
  • The LOR Control Panel's status window now displays a log of what's going on with your show - for example, listing sequences that stop and start, and errors that occur.
  • A new program, the LOR ServoDog Utility, has been added. It can be used to configure ServoDog controllers.
  • The Hardware Utility has been updated to support configuration of Cosmic Color Ribbon controllers.
  • Circuit IDs for an LOR controller can now range from 1 to 256 (rather than the previous 1 to 16). Please note that at the moment, the only hardware that currently takes advantage of this new feature is the Cosmic Color Ribbon.
  • Several bug fixes.
For details on these changes, please refer to the help file's "What's New" page, which you can see online at:

Bug Fixes

If an error opening a comm port occurred when the Hardware Utility was being started, this could lead to strange errors later, such as the Hardware Utility unexpectedly closing in certain situations.
If the musical section of a show contained sequences that could not be played due to errors, then in some situations the first sequence of the musical section of the show might repeat several times in a row.
On some computers, when a Light-O-Rama program (such as the Sequence Editor) was started, it would open in Demo mode very frequently, despite having previously been activated (and without having upgraded to a new version).
In the Sequence Editor, if you clicked the space bar to start play while the mouse button was down, then when play ended, you would be in "mouse dragging" mode, no matter whether you subsequently released the mouse button or not.
If you used a countdown in the Tapper Wizard, sometimes the song would not start after the conclusion of the countdown.
Various problems would occur if you set the default Sequences and Audio directories to be top level directories of a drive (for example, "C:\Sequences" and "C:\Audio" rather than "C:\LOR\Sequences" and "C:\LOR\Audio").
In some situations, deleting a track from a sequence would cause the track dropdown list and the timing grid dropdown list to misbehave.

The best one....
LOR Control Panel's Status Window Now Displays a Log

The Light-O-Rama Control Panel'sstatus window now displays a log of what is occurring with shows. For example, it displays messages indicating that a show or a sequence is stopping or starting, that an error occurred playing a sequence, and that an interactive trigger was detected.