Jack Stevens was kind enough to refer me to this forum. He suggested there might be some folks interested in my SuperStar Sequence and SuperStar Software. The SuperStar light display is sort of a mega tree made from 12 Light-O-Rama Cosmic Color Ribbons. I have a sequence on youtube at:

It is sort of a mega tree on steroids. In the sequence you can also tell that I played a lot of video games in my younger years. The sequence was created using the SuperStar Editor. It is a new approach to sequencing, a demo version is available at


I might add that I have looked briefly at the new LightShow Pro software and it is way cool and is a very robust and feature rich product. I hear the new Light-O-Rama software will have many valuable features including features just for the Cosmic Color Ribbon. If you look at the SuperStar software you will see that it is a niche product that does not directly compete with the other products but compliments them and adds some new and unique abilities to sequencing Cosmic Color Ribbons.

Right now the SuperStar software is only for Cosmic Color Ribbons, it would make sense to expand it to be able to sequence with the D-Lite firefly also.

-Brian Bruderer