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Thread: LSP 1.7 Released

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    Default LSP 1.7 Released

    Looks like LSP 1.7 has been released.

    We are happy to announce the release of LightShow Pro version 1.7

    Along with significant improvements in functionality, stability and performance, LightShow Pro v1.7 brings the industry leading and next generation in light show performance sequencing.

    Among the hundreds of enhancements included in v1.7, below are a few of its most noted features:
    Sequencing Layers - allow you to sequence with transtion videos to generate incredible blends and washes in both static and rgb controllers.
    Transition Library - over 100 provided transition effects to automate the layer sequencing process.
    User definable transitions - import your own avi files to use for individualized sequencing patterns.
    External video preview window - detach a display visualizer to preview your show in real time.
    Advanced copy and paste - features to duplicate and edit existing effect areas with mouse/key combinations.
    Multi-Layer and virtual controller capabilities - allow you to slice and dice your sequencing channels to simplify organization.
    Channel image tools - ability to split string, window frames, freehand lights into multiple channels, across multiple controllers.
    RGB Tools - several custom RGB color picker tools, 50+ rgb videos, integrated blend generation and editing.
    interface improvements - user interfaces have been re-engineered to simplify usage through industry standards.
    Controller Grid rendering - improved rendering of controllers, channels and effects.
    output performance - dramatic protocol efficiency improvements to drive the most demanding displays.
    and much, much more
    The demo cycle has been reset with this release to provide everyone the chance to take LightShow Pro for another spin.

    Download LightShow Pro v.1.7 from the following location and take your display to the next level today!

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    Default Re: LSP 1.7 Released

    Great ! Goodbye everyone, off to download the update and play a little bit tweaking the Mighty Mini routine that I had done in LSP ver 1.5

    EDIT: Hmmm, getting a rather large download of DivX Plus with this!
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