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  1. Re: Xlights LOR Migration Day - Saturday March 4 **** Check Post 1 for Updates

    Pizza, see you on Saturday.
  2. Re: Falcon Pi Day - Join Us. Learn How Simple it can be **** Check Post 1 for Updates

    I'm in.
  3. Poll: Re: 2016 TASL MEETINGS - See Post #1 for Decisions & Plans

    I would like to know more about Pi as I'm redesigning my display at the new house and want to keep it simple.
  4. Re: Converting from LOR to Falcon Pi

    I'm interested in learning more about Pi's. I vote yes for a Pie day.
  5. For Sale For Sale: RGB Flexible Strips, LED light strings, etc.

    I have the following for sale:
    12--BRAND NEW, NEVER USED 5m RGB Waterproof Flexible Strips-1809 IC, 30 led 12v $25 per strip
    30--C-6 LED 70 Light Set Blue 4" spacing, purchased from Creative...
  6. Re: OFFICIAL TASL Meeting February 21, 2015 9am till 5pm

    I am leaving for Costa Rica on that day for a photography trip. Sorry to miss the first meeting but looking forward to taking lots of pictures.
  7. Re: OFFICIAL TASL Meeting May 3rd, 2014 9am till 5pm

    I will be there.
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    Re: ULE Meeting Sat. March 29th

    I hope to attend.

    Nancy Harris
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    Re: Newby from Concord


    I'm in Harrisburg so am right next door. I run 160 channels using LOR and am looking at adding some DMX RGB in the coming year. Welcome to the area.

  10. Re: OFFICIAL TASL Meeting February 22, 2014 9am till 5pm

    I'll be there and will bring Ham Sliders.
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    Re: Adding the fog

    How are you keeping the fog so close to the ground. I have tried various things over the past 3 years with no success.

  12. Re: For Sale: Cosmic Color Ribbons CCR150 (Never used)

    Sorry, sold them last night.
  13. For Sale: Cosmic Color Ribbons CCR150 (Never used)

    I have 4 LOR Cosmic Color Ribbons (CCR150) that I have never used. Cost $ 125 ea or all 4 for $ 400.00 and I will cover the shipping. PM me if you are interested as I am also going to post on the...
  14. Re: OFFICIAL TASL Meeting August 24, 2013 9am till 5pm

    I will attend and will bring Ham & Cheese Sliders.

    Nancy Harris
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    Re: 2013 preview

    Nice job.
  16. Re: Christmas Carolina 2013 Convention?

    I plan on attending.

    Nancy Harris
  17. For Sale Re: Time to pull the trigger... It all has to go...

    I am sending you a pm concerning the torches. Nancy Harris
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    Re: GECE Spinner/Pinwheel

    Love the effect, great job.
  19. Poll: Re: The 2013 Convention in Raleigh Poll

    September works for me, too busy in Oct. - Nov. working on Halloween and Christmas displays.
  20. Re: February 21st TASL Meeting

    I won't be able to make the 2/21 meeting as I'm out of town on business but will be there in May.

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    Re: My Christmas display videos

    Al--you always have a surprise or two up your sleeve. Love the vests and your North Poles looked great. Beautiful display and so glad you were able to post as I didn't make it to Raleigh has...
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    Re: TASL Meetings for 2013

    I think we would need a little bit on hardware, pixels to use depending on effect you were looking to create and then sequencing (i.e. are members using Nutcracker). I attended an online workshop...
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    Re: TASL Meetings for 2013

    Any chance we can have a session on RGB's and using more pixels in the shows and how it all works with E682. I purchased last year but didn't get anything done so will be diving in this year with it...
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    Re: Nutcracker: Tutorial for newbies

    2013 is the year I will be adding RGB and Nutcracker so this i perfect. Thanks, Nancy
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    Gangnam Style for Hospice

    A couple of days after Thanksgiving a friend challenged me to do this song for next year. I knew that it would no longer be popular so I spent a number of evenings and weekends modifying a version...
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