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  1. Thread: ???

    by Jack Stevens

    Re: ???

    I haven't been active on any of the forums.

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  2. Re: OFFICIAL TASL Meeting February 9, 2019 9am till 5pm

    Live Stream
  3. Re: OFFICIAL TASL Meeting February 9, 2019 9am till 5pm

    I'll be there; baked spaghetti and some drinks.

    Unless I can double-stream, I'll do live streaming on Facebook TASL RDU Triangle Area Synchronized Lighting

    I'll post the stream location here,...
  4. Re: Date for the Next TASL Meeting ?

    live streaming this on the tasl_rdu facebook page. My email is down and I don't have the zoom password, otherwise I'd do it on there as well.
  5. Re: Date for the Next TASL Meeting ?

    Food? I'm thinking I'll bring sandwich makings.
  6. Re: Date for the Next TASL Meeting ?

    It looks like I'll be there! First August one in several years.....
  7. Re: OFFICIAL TASL Meeting February 3, 2018 9am till 5pm

    I should be there, but may not be able to stay the whole day. Food is up in the air, could be baked spaghetti.

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    Re: Candles converted to LED

    Looking good.

    Trial and error - the only way I know to see if I put too many lights inside Or not enoguh.
  9. Re: OFFICIAL TASL Meeting August 12, 2017 9am till 5pm

    My mistake here was believing them saying they weren't going to do any more birthday parties like that. I should know better; my son's birthday was the most important day of the year to him - he...
  10. Re: OFFICIAL TASL Meeting August 12, 2017 9am till 5pm

    Dang it, can't make it.

    I was just told I have to go to the grandson's birthday party which overlaps this time and isn't local; it's over in Forest City, NC.

    I was hoping it'd be the weekend...
  11. Re: Ferris Wheel 7' Diameter 500 12mm bullet RGB Pixels Made out of PVC

    Very impressive. I suspected slip rings for power, but for data as well? Must be good quality slip rings to avoid the introduction of "noise" into the data. Something commercially available, or do...
  12. Re: OFFICIAL TASL Meeting February 11, 2017 9am till 5pm

    I'm planning to be there; been really busy at work.

    I'm also having issues getting streaming to work, but still trying.

    I will post status on this forum once (and if) I get it working.
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    Re: Need Rectifier kits

    I saw that as well when the thread popped up in Tapatalk on my phone. Most of it is relevant to 2014; the last few, very recent mention someone volunteering to set up another group buy.
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    Re: Need Rectifier kits

    DIYC is asking who is interested in doing another group buy.

    INTEREST ONLY - Full Wave Converter and Super String Shortener boards - Page 8
  15. Re: Pilot Mountain Christmas Coming to an End


    Thank you for the display. I can only wish I had even a small resemblance of your display in mine.
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    Re: Merry Christmas

    Belated Merry Christmas to you as well, Scott. Keep the spirit!
  17. Re: TASL Meeting Plans for 2017

    Charity and I can NOT make April 22, due to a prior commitment at our Lions Club. The first Saturday after tax day is always a major fund raiser for us.

    April 15 should be OK; February 15 may...
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    Re: New in Florence

    mpurser Mike is right; if you build it, they will come.

    mpurser Mike- T

    hanks for taking this on. My information is correct.

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    Re: TASL Tour 2016

    I sooooo want to go.......but the two things that have kept me from getting my display all the way completed this year are still, and Lions Club building issues. Not so much that...
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    Re: New from Rolesville

    BigRedNole -

    Glad to see you made it over here! Keep an eye on here about TASL meetings; I believe one is coming up in February.

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    Re: Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy late Thanksgiving to you as well. I've been slack in getting on here lately; work has had me way too busy.
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    Re: AC input solid state relay (SSR)

    Joel -

    I'm between tickets to work for my job right now, saw this, and I'll post what Don Williams ( would say.

    Use two C9 incandescent bulbs (must be...
  24. Re: General Foam Blowmolds Factory sale in Tarboro, NC

    I just called them (11/07/2016, 11 AM) and the attendant on the phone said they still don't know, and won't until next week.

    It sounded like she wanted to say yes, but did not actually come out...
  25. Re: General Foam Blowmolds Factory sale in Tarboro, NC

    That's because their primary focus isn't selling directly to the public; they'd rather we buy from the retailers that buy from them. One of my problems with that is I'd like to see the item before I...
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