Christmas Light Show offer two types of strobe lights.

They are 3-4 flashes per second and one flash per second.

CLS said, "This eight sided octagon strobe design breaks the light into infinite beams creating a stunning sparkle. Catch everyone's attention when you place multiple strobes in virtually any position."

Another note: in some climates, you need to drill small weep holes either in the lens or the base pending how the strobe light oriented. This is note in red text at the bottom of the sale page.
NOTE: Although strobes have protecion from moisture due to new coating over the circuit board, this will only help, but will not eliminate moisture.Weep holes to let air in and out still need to be place in strobes.
Pro's: well illuminated, flash is random from the onset, adds wow to display.
Con's: failure rate is high (depending on climate), costly - $6-$7 each, and the screw base tends to fail if hanging upside down.

Overall, Christmas Light Show is a very dependable vendor in the Holiday hobby. Even though their strobe lights are beautiful, they can be expensive to only last one-two years.