I found this on another site and though the explanation was great. Of course it matches my camera, but the explanation about the settings are pretty good. I will let you all know how it goes. I am not a photographer by an means.

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I also have a Canon SX110 IS. I am still learning photography in general, but if I remember right, for night shots you might want to-

Turn the wheel over to "M"
Push the +- button until the 1/25 or whatever is currently says is surrounded by green arrows. Then spin the wheel that is on the back of the camera with "FUNC SET" located in the middle. Spin this wheel counterclockwise such that the number id the bottom of the fraction bets smaller. This causes the whole fraction to get larger. I think here you are slowing down the shutter which causes the available light to be exposes to the sensor for a longer time. You will notice the screen brightens a bit more as you do this. The downside is that pictures are more likely to be blurry so there is a balance.

After that, push the "+-" button again so that the "F?" is surrounded by green arrows. Spin the wheel on the back again so that the number located next to the F is as small as possible. I think this is the aperature. The smaller the number, the larger the hole is that allows light in the front of the camera. I think it goes down as low as 3.2.

When done with that, press the top of the wheel where it says ISO and click it up to 1600. I think this adjusts the sensitivity of the sensor to light. If you set it to 1600 it will make things brighter. The downside is that noise will be introduced into the image.

Spend an evening outside taking low light shots, play around with those 3 variables finding the perfect balance or settings. I think its likely you will want the F setting to be as low as possible for night shots, so maybe its only 2 variables that you will need to deal with.

F stop - likely you want the number as small as you can get it. (smaller number means larger hole allowing light in)

Shutter speed - The number on the bottom as small as you can get it without blurriness.

ISO - Number as larger as you can get it without graininess

After you get a good feel for that, spend an hour on it. Then deactivate IS (image stabilization), take more photos and see what effects that has.

Then click the wheel at the left where is says "MF". Switch it over to manual focus. This might speed things ups when taking photos.

Press the FUNC SET button in the middle, scroll down until you get to flash output. Play around with those settings for awhile. Try without the flash for awhile.

Press FUNC SET, scroll down to MY Colors and pick those, I would guess that "Vivid" might be best for low light.

Please let me know if any of this helped as I am learning it myself. Good luck

Currently I am trying to get the camera to take photos faster. It takes about 1.5 seconds per shot for mine which is pretty slow. I would like 0.5 seconds or better.