2016.34 released.

RotoZoom. Value Curves. New layout in LAYOUT. lots of content from Gil, Dan and Keith.

To help I made a small video showcasing some of the changes.

Thanks xLight Developers!

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2016.34 May 31, 2016
-- bug (gil) Fix crash when delete key was hit in Layout with no model selected. Fixes #533 .
-- enh (gil) Restructure how model groups are handled by providing a panel for them and allowing the
members of the group to be managed in the property grid area.
-- enh (gil) Add tilt parameter to the Arch model to allow better 3D perspective. Fixes #250 .
-- enh (keithsw) Add starfield option to meteors implode/explode look more like a starfield
-- enh (keithsw) Add autosave to .working.xml files ... saves every 3 minutes as long as the sequence is not playing
-- enh (keithsw) Zoom and rotate added to buffer panel including value curves for most parameters
-- enh (keithsw) Blur Value Curve Added
-- bug (dkulp) DOn't corrupt rgb-effects if mouth set to (off). Fixes #577
-- bug (dkulp) Refresh the start/end channels when various properties (string type, strands, etc...) are changed. Fixes #575