Release 2016.22
Gil fixed picture bug introduced in last release
Keith added new option to videos to allow playback slower, normal or faster

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2016.22 Apr 24, 2016
-- bug (gil) Fix bug where SingleLine model wouldn't draw when set to
3 Channel RGB and controller on right. Fixes #525 .
-- bug (gil) Fix so playback works after an XML file import. Fixes #535 .
-- bug (gil) Fix SuperStar import to work with horizontal layouts. Fixes #537 .
-- bug (keithsw) Fix bug in music effect not working unless at the start of the song
-- enh (keithsw) Add video acceleration and slow down so video fully plays in time periods
different to their actual length
-- bug (keithsw) Fix sensitivity bug in music effect
-- bug (keithsw) Fix spectrograms wider than the model
-- bug (keithsw) Similar fix for video
-- bug (gil) Fix Pictures effect broken by last release.