I forgot all about this forum.

Well here is the latest release from today

xLights release 2016.8.
New effect from Keith Westley, VuMeter. Keith is located in Australia.. Keith has not quite finished one part of his effect, the Spectrograph still needs some tuning,. All other effects seem to be working great.
VuMeter is shown inside GREEN circle in picture.

Gil added an icon to indicate Model Groups in the SEQUENCER tab. Nice!

Many bugs fixed by Gil and Dan.

Latest releases are found at http://nutcracker123.com/nutcracker/releases/
Issue Tracker is found here: https://github.com/smeighan/xLights/issues

2016.8 Feb 16, 2016
-- bug(gil) Allow media sequence to play to defined duration and not stop at media length. Fixes #138 .
-- enh(gil) Add Layered description to tooltip. Fixes #179 .
-- bug(gil) Remove incorrect hover tips from main menus. Fixes #242 .
-- bug(gil) Rebuild sequence data length when media file is changed.
-- enh(gil) Model groups are now indicated with an icon on sequencer grid.
-- enh(gil) Morph corner images now have a minimum size so they are always easily seen.
-- enh(keithsw) Add music suppport to Tendril effect.
-- bug(dkulp) Fix faces not blinking properly. Fixes #458
-- bug(dkulp) DisplayElements panel default display is not sized correctly on Mac. Fixes #466
-- bug(dkulp) Check to make sure a model exists before adding it to a sequence
-- enh(keithsw) Add VUMeter effect (very much beta in this release. Appearance may change in near future releases. Please do not rely on it at this stage)
-- bug(gil) Fix selected cells moving into timing area when vertically scrolling. Fixes #419 .
-- bug(gil) Fix arrow keys not moving selection properly which could cause hotkey paste in wrong locations. Fixes #432 .
-- bug(gil) Fix effect duplicating when using arrow keys on grid. Fixes #424 .
-- enh(gil) Show mouse position in waveform.