The 3.0.6 release has these things in it.

1) Spirograph effect. Added ability to animate one of the slider bars. Fixed the Spirograph equation (was missing a parenthesis).
Since it is hard to describe how this effect now works, i made a 10 minute video

Here is a 45x45 horizontal matrix showing a Spirograph effect

here is a 20x120 half megatree showing the exact same effect as above.

2) Modified code to make left window stay large enough to see the models. Remember that you can always make the xLights window bigger by dragging the bottom left corner.

3) Removed all effects in RGBEffects.cpp and made separate files for each effect. RenderBars.cpp, RenderMeteors.cpp, .etc. This was a suggestion from one of the developers.

Find the latest code here: