A user contacted me with a problem he was having trying to layer a gif with the fire effect.

Long story short
1) Animated gifs cannot be used in layers, you should be using pictures
2) Oops, i hadnt finished the Pictures effect class. It is now done
3) I enhanced this effect so you can pick gif,png or jpg files
4) Each picture can be moved up,down,left,right,none. None means your picture will be stationary
5) New option for changing speed. I will retrofit most effects with speed. Speed=1 means each frame animation moves one pixel.
speed=.5, animation is twice as slow, speed=3, 3 times faster. Start with 1.0 and then play

So how does it work? Select the pictures class. Upload some images and then create effects.

So, first i will show that i solved the original problem. I must give credit to user frankr for coming up with the idea to use the pirate image to overlay the fire.

Here is a fire effect on a matrix target

Here is a static gif (direction=none). NOTE: gifs in the picture class are different than animated gifs in the gif class. Gifs are ok here as long as they are not animated

and here is the layer between the two. Use the Skull and bones as a mask against the fire

what about the speed and direction options?

i will use this fractal for these tests:

first test
direction = left, speed=1
[img width=330 height=600]http://meighan.net/nutcracker/effects/workspaces/2/A+PICT13_LEFT_SPEED1.gif[/img]

second test
direction=down, speed=1
[img width=330 height=600]http://meighan.net/nutcracker/effects/workspaces/2/A+PICT13_DOWN_SPEED1.gif[/img]

third test
direction=down, speed=2
[img width=330 height=600]http://meighan.net/nutcracker/effects/workspaces/2/A+PICT13_DOWN_SPEED2.gif[/img]

enjoy pictures!