Good Day everyone, my name is Steve and I am from Sonoma County CA. The hear of wine country North of San Francisco. I am a newbie to Christmas shows and have done displays with static lighting. I am now venturing into the world of light shows. I have bought my 1st Falcon F16/v3 controller and in the process of buying the other components soon. I hope I can get some information on how, what equipment I need to run DC motors to turn my animation displays. I have Stepper motors and conventional high torque DC motors that run off of 12v. I would like to incorporate light sequence & motor controlling using Xlights. I have many different electronic components such as relay, speed controllers and such. Please let me know if you have links or information of whats needed. 1 of my goals is to have actual nutcrackers mouths moved in sync to the music. (Lip syncing).

Thank you in advance for your time.