HI guys and gals we have been using Zee maps as the base for our Display locator now it seems as tho thay are going to limit the number of uses to 100 i do not know if this is going to be a per month item or yearly. but the basic plan we are on is free. ZeeMaps
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Hi there,

Starting April 1, 2018, we will be limiting views on maps not owned by an active paid plan to 100 map views.

If you are currently on the Basic plan, please upgrade to a paid plan before April 1 for un-interrupted service.

To upgrade, sign-in, click on your name or email on the top right to get to your Account page. Then, use the Upgrade tab.

If you created a map without registering, sign-up and upgrade your account.

Contact us if you need assistance adjusting to this change.im putting this up for yalls input if the group wishes i will try to find another free service after the reluctance to make our Zoom room state wide this will be up to you members .