Ripped from PC:

I have five d-Light ACx16 controllers forsale as I am moving completely to DMX this year. All but one (rev 1b) were purchased last year and only used in 2009. Selected ones include a custom welded metal stake that the plastic box is attached to - if you don't need the stake, subtract $5 from the price of the controller (you can see detailed photos here: Each of the controllers have been tested TWICE to ensure all listed channels work. All are mounted in the standard grey boxes. All of the pigtails are labeled with the channel number. Two of the controllers need to have a triac replaced, which cost less than $2 - they are noted below. YOU MUST PURCHASE ALL OF THE CONTROLLERS - first come, first served - PM me if you would like to purchase - I'll post a reply in this thread when they have sold. The price is $775 for all five controllers + shipping by FedEx which should be around $50 for all the controllers to anywhere in the US.