Don't know how reliable or customer oriented they are but it's a deal worth mentioning...

On 14th Febuary 2010 Awardspace will be offering all its 6 months paid hosting plans including the unlimited max pack plus Ė for only $0.14. If you have ever been wondering weather to go ahead with our paid service this is the time to make your wise decision.

To qualify for the promotion all you need is to have a few cents in your credit card or your paypal account. Absolutely no other additional payments are required. You will have 6 months to evaluate our stable and reliable service suitable for both beginners and advanced users, personal, business and corporate use, low rank or high ranking websites. For more information and technical specifications of our hosting plans please visit our web hosting comparison page.

The promotion will be valid during the whole day of 14th February, no matter which part of the world you are located at. So why donít you bookmark this page and adjust the alarm in your organizer to make sure you will not miss this great opportunity?