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Thread: Early Vendor Discounts Have Started

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    Default Early Vendor Discounts Have Started

    Got these from William's site:

    Creative Displays: through Jan. 16

    Holiday Light Express: through Feb. 28 Holiday Sale - Holiday-Light-Express

    One thing I noticed that I don't like is Creative Displays wants you to open about 20 (or more) PDF files. Apparently they could not take the time to make one or two large PDFs. The discounts better be worth it ! Pain in the butt !

    UPDATE - EDIT (if you saw my first post I completely revised this one).

    On the HLE site, be sure to select HOLIDAY SALE at the top. I made that mistake and was comparing higher prices at HLE. Now that I found it the HLE prices are WOW ! And these are all sealed full wave rectified lights. This is the time to jump if you know what you need.

    One thing we know is CDI will send out emergency lights the same day for any "speed" of shipping you want. Not sure we have seen that kind of customer service from HLE. I believe both of them will exchange bad lights that don't make it through the first season.

    And there is always the lowest cost option which is to buy in China. But you have very little customer service and you need to be in a group buy to avoid high shipping costs.
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