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Larry, I looked into water resistant, amplified speakers and found nothing too. I thought I would put an old amp in a box outside too, but then I bought the high priced, 12AWG speaker wire and ran it from the house to the street. I thought about putting a car amp in a box and running 12V to it, but the 12V supply would have been huge. I talked to somebody a while back with a company that sold AV gear, and he said they use something like 90V systems to run sound long distances. It was way too pricey and the sound quality was bad. I think the 90V systems are used for loudspeakers like at car dealerships. If you come up with something please let us all know.
I have been using the amplified computer speakers and just leaving them wrapped in the plastic bubble bags that they come packed in out of the box and running the wires out of the bottom of the bag.