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    Christmas Light Show is out of 1000ft & 500ft rolls of spt-1 wire. But, if you order 1000ft, you'll get four 250ft rolls.

    Make sure you order the 1000ft. It's $5 cheaper than order the regular 250ft rolls.

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    And speaking of CLS - - - I love the CLS Mega-Tree parts. I bought their 5-way, their Pulley head, their Hook head, and their single star. I have to admit it's been a bitch to keep the threads oiled and keep the dirt out of the the 5-way. This year I assembled the tree on top of a packing blanket and a rubbermaid tub lid .. that seems to have worked well to keep the threads clean. I bought my own steel cable (I used 3/16") and made my own snap fittings in my bandsaw. But my tree is their design. It tears down nicely with no tools required except a screwdriver. Handles the wind snow and ice wonderfully .. I added turnbuckles to the support wires to keep them adjusted evenly.
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