Halloween Creatures and Decorations (Morrisville)

Although we have received lots of compliments on our Halloween display, we have decided to part with most of it due to lack of space in our apartment. I will attempt to describe these as best as I can. The prices are as follows:

Second Floor Hanging Creature....$75.00

Grim Reaper with blue cloak....$50.00 (The pirate in the picture is sold)

Large Creature with Black Cloak....$10.00

Hanging Ghosts (2)....$10.00

I have several more items, but could only display 4 pictures. I can e-mail pictures of the following to you if you are interested.

Spider Web $5.00

Pirates Skull $10.00

Misc. small items: snakes, signs, floating skulls, etc...all for $20.00

***If you purchase every thing listed, the total price will be $175.

If interested, call 919-656-2655 anytime between 8AM and 9PM. I can try to send more pictures if requested.