Our Pre-Season Pricing will be ending on Monday August 3rd. Take Advantage of these pre-season savings before prices go up! http://www.ledholidaylighting.com/20...der-Event.aspx

LED Holiday Lighting Blow out on two SKU's
We Currently have 2 SKU's that we have an over abundance of stock on that we would like to clear out before the 2009 inventory comes in. We have cut the prices on these two SKU's from 40 - 50% to move them as quickly as possible. They are both full wave C6 Warm White and Full Wave Warm White Net Lighting. At these prices the product won't last long so get them while you can!
C6 Full Wave 24' 70L Warm White: $11.00 (42% savings!)
5mm Full Wave 150L 4 x 6 Warm White $15.00 (48% savings!)

LED Snowfall Units
We have had a lot of our snowfall products out on tour with all the "Mini's" being done this summer. We are currently selling 3 different types of Snowfall Products.
Outdoor rated tubes in QTY 5 or 10
LED Snowglobes sold in QTY of 5 available in Red, Black, Silver, Gold Colors (Indoor Only)
LED Snowfall Curtain - 18 tubes on a curtain that simulate snowfall, by far our most popular seller right now (indoor only)

Marketplace Now Open!
We have opened up a marketplace on LED Holiday Lighting for anyone looking to sell any type of holiday item. We currently have 3 items up for sale some
LOR boards and some
25'/12'/8' Extension Cords (INCREDIBLY CHEAP)
These are not items from our inventory these are from people like yourselves looking to sell something you don't need any longer or what have you. With hundreds of site hits daily on our site it is a good way to put up some product you no longer need and get it sold!!! Details are located here: http://www.ledholidaylighting.com/marketplace.aspx