Instant Christmas display. Everything needed is here with the exception of the electricity! All items have been purchased brand new within the last 6 years. The only items that are older than that are 15 toy soldiers. Some items are still brand new in their original packaging!

Items included are: 3-D sculptures like polar bears, penguins, ducks, Christmas trees, igloos, presents, snowmen, toy soldiers, candles, deer, Santa & his sleigh, seal, candy canes, air blown inflatable’s and more!
Also included are numerous strands of lights: icicle lights, net lights, mini lights, multi colored lights, clear lights, single color lights, garland lights and more!
Included to help power these lights are numerous electrical extension cords, 3 way splitters, timers and power tap extensions!
There is also extra bulbs, fuses, stakes, gutter hooks, suction cups and light & fuse testers included.

The total number of lights included is approximately 30,425! The total length of extension cords is approximately 1733'!

The pictures do not do justice to what is included! About half of what we have is shown in the pictures. I can email a list of the items included along with more pictures if necessary.

You will be the hit of the neighborhood just like we were once you set up all the lights! This is a great buy considering it cost us well over $4000 for all of this!

All items have been well cared for. A lot of the items are still in their original boxes. Some items have been stored in large plastic containers and very sturdy boxes.

There are approximately 3 full pickup truck loads of Christmas items here!