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Thread: Lights Causing Internet Problems

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    Default Lights Causing Internet Problems

    I posted this on the LOR forum.... I figure that some may find it helpful here if they begin having problems like mine.

    I found the source of my problem by accident today.

    I didn't want to go inside the house tracking mud and ice in so I decided to disconnect the cables from the outside box--image below.

    After I reconnected them, all sorts of comm problems began. I rebooted the pc, shut the controllers off at the breaker then back on, and tried a few more things.

    When the show started, still having problems.

    It dawned on me to check the connections outside under the porch. I made sure they were locked in and firmly seated. After doing this... comm problems went away and my DSL connection only went out twice during the entire night. Usually it's twice a minute.

    So... a rule of thumb, make sure RS485 connections are firmly seated and well connected.

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    Default Re: Lights Causing Internet Problems

    William, what is that cable that is plugged into your box ? It does not look like a cat-5 type connection.

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    Default Re: Lights Causing Internet Problems

    Audio that goes out to the transmitter.

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