I don't normally post reviews about computer related equipment. But I bought an AOD255-1268 from Costco ($299), and it is an exceptional netbook. I bought a Hannspree netbook SN10e2b8u3221 netbook during Black Friday for $250, and it was a good netbook but had non-existent customer service. I tried to buy an extra battery for it and couldn't find it online anywhere and the manufacturer had no batteries too. So, I took the Hannspree back to Costco and traded it in on the Acer. The Acer and Hannspree netbooks are very, very similar. However, the Acer will be easier to find replacement parts for it in the future. In addition to the netbook, I bought a Rosewill external DVD/CD (ROD EX003) for something like $30 (Newegg) since netbooks don't come with optical drives onboard.

I have been discharging the fully charged battery for the last 2 days under different conditions. Yesterday, I wanted to see how long the battery lasted with wifi operating, and it took over 9 hours to discharge the battery fully (6% of capacity was the least amount allowed). Today, I connected the DVD drive (with wifi operating) to it and it took 4.5 hours of continuous usage of the DVD drive (with movie DVDs) before the battery discharged (again 6%). The big difference between the DVD drive and just wifi is that the motor on the DVD drive eats a good chunk of the netbook's battery, because the energy to operate the drive is derived from the netbook's USB ports.

Now why would I post this on an animated Christmas light website forum? The reason is that the netbook is exceptionally nice for remote programming and controlling my display. I used the Hannspree to walk around the yard and control the display's individual controllers at the controllers to aid in troubleshooting. The RS485 dongle for the LOR and DIY controllers will consume an unknown amount of the netbook's battery but from the DVD drive test I am sure the RS485 dongle's effect on the battery will be less than the DVD player (educated guess). The netbook operates Lynx and LOR software and drives the networks just fine.

The netbook is not on the Costco website yet due to it being just released at Costco. Again, I only wanted to point out an exceptional piece of equipment that is very handy and inexpensive for our displays. It is very confusing for the lay person to spec out equipment, so I thought I would point out something exceptional.