Very similar to what the "Down Under" folks are doing with the RGB pixel strings. Cosmic Color Bulbs Notice the part about where it uses PLC, not Cat5

Here is a post LightORama John made last night:

Some info on the Cosmic Color Bulbs --

I was unable to take pictures of the device operating. The bulbs basically look the same color regardless of how dim I make them and/or how much I close the aperture. The individual bulbs are about the same brightness as the individual CCR LEDs and have the same color range. Side by side, a CCR at a particular color looks like a CCB at that color.


There are 50 1.5" bulbs on 4" centers. You operate it exactly like a CCR. The CCR & CCB have the same application layer firmware. Same effects...

The attached picture shows the string & prototype controller. You will notice that there are no network jacks on the controller. This is the first LOR controller to use PLC (Power Line Carrier) technology. You just plug these into extension cords and then plug the extension cord into an Injector which places the LOR or DMX data on the power line to the devices. LEDs are so low current that this scheme becomes practical because you can have so many on one 15 amp circuit.

This controller includes a switching power supply so there is no separate power pack.

The production controller will have network connectors for connection flexibility. It is also likely that the production controller will control two bulb strings -- making it 2 * 157 channels. This last thing has not been finalized.

Of course we will sell the Injector and it has the same 3 network jacks as controllers. Probably around $40 -- but this is a wild guess. I haven't done any quantity pricing. You need one Injector for every 14 amps CCBs. A 50 bulb string is less than 0.2 amps. You shouldn't plug other stuff into the extension cords with the CCBs

A controller and one string of 50 bulbs will be under $200, hopefully significantly under. The device is working and the firmware is done so we think that these will be available in quantity for the spring sale. I have a few hundred of the strings shown in the picture now, but I think getting the controller case made and dealing with the current parts shortages will consume several months.