This is probably standard stuff for the old timers, but for the new guys here's a simple tip. If you have blowups, rewire the lights so you can control them externally. You cannot control the blower motors directly from the LOR (or other) channel. But you can still just plug all the blower motors to a heavy extension cord and let the blowers run for the entire show. You could build (or buy) a solid state relay that would let a controller channel turn on the blowers, but for me it was just as easy to run a heavy extension cord and plug in one heavy cord each evening.

For the lights inside, I found out that SPT-1 connectors work well for "intercepting" the lights inside blowups. But along with that I learned that most of the internal wiring of the blowups is even smaller than SPT-1. So I folded the wire before pushing it into the connector, making sure that the blunt end (small folded portion) is long enough to reach just past the sharp prongs of the connector - - but also short enough so the blunt wire does not stick out past the end of the plug (or socket) after the top is squeezed in place. By folding the wire, it assures that the smaller cable will not be loose inside the connector and fall out. This won't be necessary if you are using real SPT-1 wire, the folding idea is only for those undersized wires inside your blowups and other gadgets.

Here's how:

Find the wire to the lights inside your blowup and cut it, making sure to leave enough room to mount a socket on the short end that comes from the power unit. Mount the SPT-1 MALE on the side leading to the lights, and mount the SPT-1 FEMALE on the source line going into the power unit of your blowup. Then you can run the blowup as normal when the two are connected, or you use the plug (male) to connect the lights to a controller channel.

I got a very nice effect by dividing up my blowups into two groups (far right and far left). I ran a continuous wire around to all the blowups to tie all the lights together. So once everything was wired, I had one channel for the left blowup lights and one channel for the right blowup lights.