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    Caught this off of Wayne James website tonight:

    Some good news! After making the announcement of closing the display for 2010, news of it made it to the Mooresville Downtown Commission (MDC). After some meetings with them, the James Family Christmas display will be moving to downtown Mooresville!
    We are really excited about this new opportunity to bring joy and great Christmas memories to everyone in the Mooresville area. We hope that you continue to visit the website, so you can stay up to date on the progress we make through out the year. I have some big plans in mind and hope we can make them happen.
    We hope you come see the 2010 premier!


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    Default Re: James Family Christmas

    Yeap the local paper did a story about him shutting down and the city contacted Wayne. Can't wait to see what he does with his new canvas.

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    Default Re: James Family Christmas

    Pretty neat. His display must have been massive for that to happen. What a cool idea. I was in Mooresville yesterday.

    I have been a 25 year member of the AOMC (Antique Outboard Motor Club). We have a Carolinas Chapter of the AOMC that meets 3 or 4 times a year. Yesterday we had our "dry' meet in Mooresville. I displayed some of my antique motors. Sometimes we have "wet" meets where I run one my hydros with Bobby aboard in the bow cockpit. I have two matching <restored> Class B Utility hydros named Swish and Swoosh. They are just under 10' long with bow and stern cockpits. My wife used to drive them but these days it's only me, so I can only run one and leave the other on the<double deck> trailer. But Bobby will get his boating licenses this August ! Then we can take them both out together. It will bring back some strong memories of when my dad and I would run together when I first driving them.

    Denny Cole

    Back to Work <unretired> so I went Static in 2017. Planning xLights when I retire <again>. Maybe 2019 ?

    Falcon - 3 F16V3 & 1 PiCap, Sandevices - 2 E681 & 4 E6804, 288 Channels Lynx Express, 108 Channels DC DMX,
    10' Pixel MegaTree, CoroFlakes w/Pixel Modules, Pixel RBLs, 2 Pixel Matrix 16x25, 10" RGB Ornaments, 7x230 Pixel Icicle Matrix,
    Classic 20' AC Megatree, TIR Destiny RGB Spots, RGB Blowmolds, Wireframes, and Inflatables with External Light Control

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