• Want An Animated Display?

    You've heard about! And now, watched video of it on YouTube. So, one question that's lingering in your mind, how do I do that? It takes plenty of time, patience, and can be very expensive.
    To put it all together, a couple of companies have created a beginners package that includes the software, controller, adapters and starter sequences to help you get an easy start.

    Animated Lighting has developed a package called "Christmas in a box." Christmas in a box is a simple plug and play controller that includes several shows for two or three light colors. Or can be used to animated several things in the lawn or on your house. Plus, the music they are synchronized to can be broadcasted to an FM transmitter or outside speakers. Now, if you want to tackle programming music with lights, Animated Lighting's new software "Maestro" will take your favorite song and turn it into lighting magic but it's not included in the package.

    If you're looking for more control, Light-O-Rama's full featured starter package includes software, controller(s), network cable, and network adapter is just for you. This starter package has everything you need to run a show of 9,000 mini lights per controller from your personal computer. All you have to do is find your favorite Christmas music then use the newest Light-O-Rama software "S2" to synchronize the lights. Light-O-Rama offers preprogrammed sequences for 16 or 32 channels of animation but it's not included in the starter package.

    Next, buying lights, extension cords, sockets... wow! This is mind boggling.

    Most Christmas lighting enthusiasts buy their lights from a department store or home improvement center during after Christmas sales. Most discounts range from 50 to 90 percent off depending on your local area. In addition to lights, extension cords are a MUST have. The general rule of thumb to extension cords, when you think you have enough, buy more. You'll never have too many extension cords.

    When you first start, you will find this hobby very addictive with endless possibilities.

    If your questions haven't been answered, always join our forum as many experts are there most of the time ready to answer.