• Seasonal Entertainment Sale Through 3-13

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    Rainbow Lights

    As I said before, all the Rainbow Lights now feature new, brighter LEDs. But that wasnít the only change. We also redesigned the lights so that you have the ability to use waterproof pigtails to attach your lights together. In the store you can choose the modular jacks or waterproof pigtails. We also will have the extension cables to attach the lights together.

    The Spotlight was redesigned from the ground up. Now you can purchase it in a fully waterproof enclosure to house the light.

    LED Replaceable Bulbs

    Thatís right! We now feature a full line of C7 and C9 LED replaceable bulbs. Every color you can think of is available. If you canít decide on a color, check out our 7 color synchronized changing bulbs. They synchronize with each other for a really neat effect! Of course you canít forget the socket strings, so we have those as well!


    We have teamed up with a bunch of suppliers and now offer a whole line of different accessories. If you are an LOR user and want to transition from your iDMX to Cat-5, the C-Point adapter is available from us. This transitions the XLR pin outs to the DMX standard for Cat-5 cabling.

    Speaking of Cat-5 cabling, we now offer 4 different lengths of cabling.

    Letís not forget the waterproof extension cables to connect your lights together!

    Year after year I was asked what the best power supply for our lights was. Well, now I just have to point you in the direction of our store. We have 2 different size power supplies that are guaranteed to work with our products.

    This is the first of two scheduled PreSale Events for 2011. This event will feature the lowest prices of the season on all of the products listed. The second event will feature two new products and should start at some point in the summer. However, PreSale Event #1 will run from February 21st until March 13th at 8pm EST. By joining the PreSale Event you agree to hold shipping for up to 8 weeks from the end of the sale. (Please note that all LED replaceable bulbs and socket strings are not expected to ship until July of 2011.) I have attached a PDF file that shows all the sale prices and the items anticipated 2011 pricing. I also forgot to mention that any order of $200.00 ships free!!

    As always, if anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. With all the website migration, I expect some hiccups. If you experience any issues with the store or broken links on the site, please, please let me know. My Seasonal Entertainment email address is greg (at) seasonalentertainmentllc.com. Feel free to contact me at any time or use the new Help Desk feature on the website.

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