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0 to 112 in three days!

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Mercy!!! What a whirl wind weekend. From a quick post by William about someone selling controllers, I'm in the process of suddenly going from planning to full scale way too deep and over my head! Let's see I'm going from 0 channels to 112 in just a few days. I'm going from about 16 planned channels with my current lights to needing 64 channels just for my property (or more!) depending on how much stuff I end up getting. I'm not even sure that there is enough room in my front yard for all this stuff.

Now have to figure out how I add strobes, lawn lights, and spiral trees to what I've already figured out in my yard. Then I have to figure out how to put all those lights to music. Mercy... Gonna be a fun few months coming up!!!

Then there's still the radio questions. I've read a lot about what you can and can't do. I'm probably going with the Ramsey 25B since many others in the area have one so if I have problems, I have people locally who can help. Though I am thinking of bumping up my purchase and getting a nicer antenna. We'll see how that goes, though. Wife wasn't exactly thrilled about my mounting a 6ft antenna on the roof year round (cuz there's NO WAY I'm putting it up there and getting it down twice a year!).

So here's the "how" stuff for the newbies reading this (if there are any): Simply look for sales and post that you're looking for everyone else's old stuff that they are thinking of getting rid of to upgrade to the latest "shiny flashy". When you do, you'll probably get a bunch of responses with lots of items that you may or may not need. Pick out the ones you want or need at the best prices and pick them up. There's always someone looking to upgrade throughout the year so be sure to grab a few specials along the way!

Have fun!!!
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Updated 05-08-2010 at 03:18 PM by scottmcl

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    And this topic ended up dying. The guys who was supposed to sell stuff to me sold them after committing them to me so I ended up with none.

    Since then, I've committed to buying 3 from William at the convention and then picked up 5 more from someone selling on the LOR site.

    Still don't know how many channels I need, but we'll figure that out later...
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