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small trees

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On a recent trip to HD/Lowe's/Ace, I priced out some tomato cages. They were between $3-5 each. Then you add in lights and wire ties and they start to get expensive.

Am I seeing those numbers right? Can I just take some wire mesh and turn them into cones and go from there? Or is that not any cheaper? Need to really figure out how many trees I want to do, especially at those prices. Now I know why you guys are shopping for stuff out of season...
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Updated 05-08-2010 at 03:27 PM by scottmcl

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  1. mschell's Avatar
    I usually try to buy my tomato cages near the end of the season. You can usually catch them for $1 and sometimes less.

    I did try to use chicken wire, and actually covered a single tomato cage with it. It was hard to get it to stay. I now just put 2 cages together, rotating the second cage so that the vertical legs go in between the legs of the first one. When I wrap lights on it, it looks just fine. You can't tell it's not exactly round when it's lit.
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