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TASL followup...

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Whew... Today's TASL meeting was really good. There were lots of great presentations and I got to see things that are literally bleeding edge technologies in this field. Good stuff, guys! I can't wait to build a Bethlehem star. My house is at the end of a cul-de-sac and my driveway leads right up the street. With that bad boy on the house, people will KNOW which house has the light display on it when they turn onto our street - from over 20 houses away!!!

I also took along a brief sketch of my potential "layout" that I made a couple weeks ago late one night. I got lots of great tips from everyone that had a chance to see it. I will no longer be creating a tree of mini-trees, but using them to line my driveway and side walk leading up to the house. Of course, that means that I now have to build a LOT more trees than I was originally planning, but we'll see how it goes...

Notes for me/newbies:
- Sign up on the LOR site for the mailing for when the LOR sales happen. Last year's apparently sold out in 9 hours. So check your email OFTEN around the time of the sale.
- LOR is great to get started with. Then when you want your mind BLOWN, start thinking about DMX. With a IDMX or IBX (couldn't read the slide from he back of the room), you can even hook your DMX into your LOR controller. Woo!
- Your mega tree ain't got nothing on this guy's tree. Soon, we'll all be putting video in our megatrees, once the price becomes a little more tolerable.
- Here is a nice, stable way to build mini-trees as posted by Johnny Christmas in NJ.
- You'll need to think about crowd control. Love your neighbors and they'll (mostly) love you. I'll post links to Denny's presentation once he gets it posted.
- Set up your own radio station with an FM transmitter, antenna and some other stuff. Ramsey FM25B seems to be the popular one...

Anyway, more to come soon!! Thanks for listening!
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    Scott... that mega tree is in my future.