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About to dive in deeper than ever

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As I sit here waiting patiently for the time when I can go to my first TASL meeting, I'm cruising the site trying to make sure I understand some of the basics so I can hopefully take away a TON more information from today's session.

While browsing, I stumbled upon the fact that I could post a blog. I decided that I would start my blog to post my struggles and victories in hopes of helping others be able to learn from those experiences. Don't know how often I'll post, but decided that I would track my progress here first. I don't plan on letting this hobby consume me (and my wife and kids will make sure of that... ). At the same time, I'd like to learn a few things, make this year's display better, and maybe even convince my neighbors to participate with me. I gotta figure out what I'm doing first, though, before I help others. So baby steps here at first.

Props to KidCole for also being an IBM'er and answering me via email to REALLY spark my curiosity and turn me onto this site. Thanks also to those who have welcomed me to the site so far and answered my "silly little questions". I hope to learn even more as the year progresses.

Hope to see y'all back here more often as I progress to becoming 1% better than those who have no clue so that I can seem like an expert to them!
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  1. mschell's Avatar
    I'm glad you and Denny are "IBM'ers". I was at DEC/Compaq/HP for 24+ years. My son interned @ IBM and worked there for several years, so I guess it's not that bad a place, but I sometimes have to get over that IBM - they're the enemy thoughts...

    Keep on working on that killer display you're will look great!

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