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Hiding controllers

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This Christmas we're going to have two of our LOR controllers at the base of our Spiral Tree. I'm wondering the different way's members are keeping their controllers safe from prying eyes.
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  1. ozarkboy2's Avatar
    We've finally come up with an idea that we like, to hide, and somewhat secure the two LOR controllers that will power our Spiral Tree.
    Pictures and all coming up tomorrow, if anybody is interested.
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  2. kidcole's Avatar
    I throw black plastic bags over mine to hide them. With incandescent lights you might get more heat inside the controller box, and in that case I fold the plastic bags so they don't have down very far below the controller. That would let some cool air get underneath. I've seen people who spray paint their controllers black. Be sure to use the paint designed for plastic if you do that. I prefer not to modify the original look of the controllers because painting could reduce their used value (if or when you ever decide to sell them) ..
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  3. ozarkboy2's Avatar
    We bought 2 plastic totes from Home Depot. Each tote has a piece of 1/2" plywood screwed to the bottom of each tote. (Screwed from the bottom of the tote, into the plywood).
    Then each tote has 1 LOR controller screwed to the plywood. Also mounted 2 "U" bolts to the bottom of each tote.
    A "T" post is driven into the ground, the tote fastens to the "T" post with the "U" bolts.
    We cut a hole in each tote for power cables to come through.
    We found plastic bags decorated for gifts that are slid over each tote. I even found silver, and gold duct tape that we put on each tote to help secure the plastic bag on. And we put the tape on to look like a wrapped gift!

    I'm having problems getting pictures uploaded. But I have some before, during, and after pictures.
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  4. mpurser's Avatar
    4 of my 9 lor boxes are under my mega tree pad locked to the 800 pound portable hole with 1 under a vine wire frame santa .
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