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my view of the 2016 season

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our view on the 2016 season
December 24, 2016

First off Merry Christmas to our visitors and friends .Id like to say i was a little depressed this morning about the low turn out and over all lack of support from our local tv with us being off the main road it limits our visibility to the public we are not in this to enter contest we do not do this for money.word of mouth is how we get the word out.Many thanks to our visitors who took the time to video the show and post it to their Facebook accounts for others to see.i would also like to thank Cindy Miller from WSFL 106.5 fm for her efforts in getting the word out We are not one of those large big city displays on national t.v and will never be.Our show will run tonight Christmas eve 2016 from 5.30 pm until 11.00 pm and until 1/1/2017For those of you still wishing to view the show park as close to the center of our house for best viewing and turn off all lights( Christmas lights are viewed in the dark)PLEAS RESPECT OTHER VIEWERS.tune your fm raido to 100.1 fm set the volume to a level thats enjoyable inside your carfor those of you who sent us in to the local Look at those lights thanks for the effort but we never heard from WITN TV 7 i guess Craven and Beaufort county’s no longer have-local TV stations
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