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well this year started with a fire that cost me all most everything i was planing on adding this took me 4 weeks to install every thing.when we got to my self imposed DEC light up day preceded by 2 weeks of almost solid rain (now behind again)i have also been trying to restore a Chevy blazer putting the display on a back burner so to speak Bad mistake i almost waited to late more rain and a bunch of crossed wires almost caused me to give up.the 1 week into the season during the show last night the show player decided to show its a$$i up graded to s4 about 6 weeks ago bad lock my computer so tight it locked the comp port the usb 485 was plugged into work on it untill 2 am no joy.sent a help ticket to lor they said to reboot the computer(id nt tell them i had already done that at least 6 times.but when i went into control central at 5 30 and restarted the machine it thoughts were a bad rs 485 b my lap top would not run thing either i orded a new 485 moved all sequences out of lor folder moved all audio files moved all clip board files and visualizer files and got ready to uninstall lor but said what the heck reloaded one sequence with is audio file started show player surprise it worked just go to show never give up never surrender
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    as an addition to the above post the season has ended no more trubles that i did not cause.the display is 90% down thanks to my son Jason.the 8 rings ai added this year do not produce the wow effect i had hoped they would many thanks to Alan Devoe for the sequence and help in audio splicing looking into getting a bigger shed.
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