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rip to tarboro for new props

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well the trip to Tarboro was not a total waste although their inventory was not as large as i have seen it in the past and thay have gone up on the prices a bit i did get a chilly willie and snoopy blow mold.the choices were limited i will add this i had always wondered what it would take to beat the crowd i live and work i hour from Tarboro and i had the pleasure of working till 4 am today (black friday)i arrived @515 am first in line YEA me well not quite when thay opened the gates @8.00 am i entered if i had not been first i would have been knocked down by those behind me i guess i was lucky i found what i wanted fairly quicklyi was looking for rain deer and drumer boys NONEin sight even tho thay have had a small price incress its still cheaper than retail but i guess the gravy train is over as far as cheap blow molds goes thier show area was allmost cleared in 1 hour if you going to partake in this event in the future better plan on arriving earlyer than 5.30 thats when the next customer after me arrived thay were from richmond Va.and after you park inside the fence run up the ramp if you snoozz u ll lose.
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