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midseasom thoughts 2013

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im just sitting here reflecting on last nights visitor traffic and the comments i got to hear last night i stayed out side from 5;35 P.M. TILL 11:00 PM (I KNOW IM A GLUTTON FOR PUNISHMENT) BUT I HAVE BEEN PRAYING FOR MORE VISITOR TRAFFIC AND NOW I HAVE SEEN SOME i really believe the folks liked what thay saw i only had one mini van with unruly kids that the parents did not try to control i was dressed in a t shirt no coat .really weird weather for the 21day of December but if i had to stop doing my display tomorrow i ll always have last night to thing id like to add thanks to all the members of cc past and present for the help and support i have received from you guys n gals.over the last 3 years hoping for many more.
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