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Reflections on 2012

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well i have finished the first of my singing tree sequences no not totally just the tree parts.i have never done this before but i think it looks pretty good in the visualizer at least.hoping the weather will go ahead and turn warm soon i need to get outside and do some repairs and building the new items i have planed for this years display.seance i forgot to check the dongles i got from jin st john last year i have go back and check then now thats the reason i did not use the matrix last year trying to get a jump on what i have done in the past by not waiting till the last minute. i look back at last years display with some sobering thoughts it has been said if you build it they will come well that's not entirely true if your in an area where there is a lot of traffic to start with it may be i think did do everything i could do to draw attention to the display and some would consider that enough.but wait you say did nt you have fun doing it yes i did.but some how that in it self did not seem enough well 14 days into the season i thought about trowing in the towel as it were but i stuck with it and went ahead and called the local radio stations (this type of exposure has created some problems for others in our hobby but i said to my self ive seen one end of the spectrum lets see if we can find the other end viewer traffic did in cress but not to the level it could not be controlled people came from all over the enc) we had a much better second half season looking forward to 2013 how many come back will tell the tail.
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