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well i have been asleep at the wheel as far as this blog goes.for most of the year i just dreamed of the display and what i did wrong and what i did right last year.most of which i have already posted here.this year when the season first started it was so slow i had thought of shutting it down and giving up. im glad that did n t happen.i finely got off my butt in July and started sequencing .i had a few that i did not like the look of in the visualizer thay did not make the show in all i ended up with 8 of witch a paid sequencer told me that the song "was not his style"well it looks like to me im the one that wanted the tune not him.The other thing he told me that his services were out of my budget.up to this point we had not discussed money.i wonder if i had md or phd behind my name if that would have made a difference. The way i see it this hobby is not just a rich mans a janitor and i will continue this hobby as i see fit and celebrate the birth of Christ with all my limited resources if i did not want to pay for a sequence i would not have send him that e mail. I have acquired all the pixels and parts for my tree in a tree matrix but ran out of time before the 2012 season so thats going to make its showing in the 2013 show all told i think the show was success i think i had about 1500 cars in 2 and 1/2 weeks .we went tru 3 cases of candy canes.and all of the viewers i talked to seemed to enjoy the show.
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